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    A Complete Guide To Bay And Bow Windows In Edmonton

    Jun 24, 2022

    May 2, 2024

    13 min read


    Bay and bow windows also known as “projection windows” are a win-win design solution. They do a great job at the main architectural challenges – they give an original look and discreet elegance to the facade and make the interior brighter and more spacious. Not surprisingly, many homeowners in Edmonton are increasingly opting for bay and bow windows.

    bay windows
    bow windows

    Basically, bay and bow windows aren’t some special types of windows. They are rather a combination of a few units, which together form a single whole. Aesthetically appealing both inside and out, a bow or bay window is an excellent way to highlight the unique character of your home in Edmonton and enhance its value. So if you’re looking for a way to add some wow effect to your exterior, consider installing these

    Most often, it’s not enough just to look at the bay and bow windows pictures to understand if they suit your project. You’ll most likely want to evaluate their advantages, differences, cost, and other factors to make your best decision – and here is where our guide can help you.

    Bow Window vs Bay Window: Discover The Differences

    Bay and bow windows are three-dimensional structures consisting of an arrangement of windows that protrude outward instead of being flush levelled with external walls. Bow and bay windows in most Edmonton houses are created with a variety of window styles including casement, hung windows, and picture windows.

    At first sight, bay and bow windows may look very similar. And the fact that their names have three letters and begin with “B” doesn’t exactly help homeowners understand their differences. If you’re considering bay and bow windows for your Edmonton home, check out their key features.

    Bay windows Bow windows
    bay windows bow windows
    Design concept Design concept
    Have 3 openings with angles from 25 to 45°. The overall design is made up of a picture window in the center and two other smaller units (casement or hung ones) on the sides. This structure provides the effect of a deep and angular protrusion from the wall. Have more than three openings at an angle of 10°. The general construction is curved, creating a rounded look outside the building. This structure creates a rather shallow ledge effect.
    Light Light
    Are an excellent source of light. Since they have three angled sides, daylight can enter the room from three corners. Allow more sunlight into the house compared with bay windows due to their larger glazing surface and the wider area.
    Ventilation Ventilation
    Tend to have one fixed window in the middle and two operable windows on the sides (typically casement or hung ones) that provide excellent air circulation and ventilation even for large rooms. Provide ventilation depending on the number of units that allow airflow. If the design features individual operable units which can be opened and closed, they provide maximum ventilation. A structure with three fixed windows in the middle and two opening windows on the sides will provide the same ventilation as bay windows.
    Cost Cost
    Vary in price depending on many factors, the main of which is the number of window units. Still bay window prices in Edmonton tend to be lower than those for bow windows. For example, at Ecoline, replacing an old window with a new medium-sized triple-pane bay window with a LoE coating will cost you approximately $2,310-$2,520. Vary in price depending on many factors. Tend to be more expensive than bay windows. The price depends on the number of components, their size, additional features, etc. At Ecoline, the installation of 5 energy-efficient bow window units in Edmonton will cost approximately $2,650 – $3,150.
    Common Home Styles Common Home Styles
    Fit perfectly into contemporary-style homes because of their angular lines and flat planes. Go well with houses in traditional and Victorian styles due to their charming curved design.
    Pros & Cons Pros & Cons
    Pros: Pros:
    • are less expensive
    • easier to install
    • significantly protrude out from the wall of the house, thereby creating additional alcove-like space
    • offer a wonderful panoramic view
    • let in more sunlight due to the large glazing area
    • have slight curves that to create a sophisticated look
    Cons: Cons:
    • not as wide and give a more limited view
    • let in less sunlight
    • are more difficult to install
    • tend to be more expensive
    • create less extra seating space

    Now that you know the difference between a bow and bay window, it will be much easier for you to choose the option to go with. No matter what aesthetic you want to keep in your home’s exterior, there’s a good chance you’ll find both bow and bay windows to funk it up. Compare bow and bay windows prices, appearance, and other features to make your best choice.

    Want to know more about Ecoline’s Bay And Bow Windows?
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    Typical Bay Window Styles

    Bay windows have existed for centuries. And from a technical point of view, their types haven’t changed much over time. You can include different styles of windows and arches, experiment with the angle, choose the size of the opening and the colour of the sashes, and add a few interesting architectural details to get a unique design solution. However, with all this styling flexibility, there are basic bay window types to choose from:

    Canted Bay Window

    canted bay windows

    Canted bay window is considered a classic option. Such a unit features a flat front and angled sides and is common for the first floors of the building. The traditional and ageless look makes canted bay windows truly elegant and classy.

    • Opt for this type if you need a large window area on the first floor of your house.

    Box Bay Window

    Box bay windows get their name from their boxy shape. Their design is similar to the previous option. The difference is that their side units connect to the front one at a straight angle, forming a boxlike look. This option is sought after for new homes since box bay windows do not require wall reconstruction and provide additional space without extra effort.Opt for this type if you prefer simplicity in design and are looking to add square footage to your home in contemporary style.

    Circle Bay Windows

    Circle bay windows are a less popular but still worth considering option. They tend to be larger than previous types, have additional panes above the windows, provide a smoother curve, and often feature intricate, detailed moldings. This type of bay window brings a Victorian feel to the home.

    • Opt for this type if you want to maximize daylight in the room and set off your exterior with ornamental details.

    Oriel Bay Windows

    oriel bay windows

    Oriel bay windows are considered to be the oldest and most traditional type. Their forms and distinctive aesthetics are very reminiscent of the Gothic style in architecture. Such units are often embellished with various decorative elements along the outer bottom. They are usually constructed towards the side of the house wall and do not reach the ground, therefore often found both on the lower and upper floors.

    • Opt for this type if you intend to dramatize the exterior of your home and seek fascinating windows for the top floor.

    So, are you searching for large bay windows for sale in Edmonton that will provide the best possible functionality and striking aesthetics? Look no further than Ecoline windows. With our wide range of products, we can fit the most challenging demands of your window replacement project.

    Bow And Bay Window Installation

    Although there are many types of bay and bow windows, they have one thing in common: they protrude outward, thus creating extra space. This gives you another opportunity to experiment with design both outside and inside the home. Take a look at some helpful ideas which may inspire your design.

    Where to place bow and bay windows?

    • In the kitchen. A kitchen bay window is perhaps the most popular design solution among homeowners in Edmonton. Installing such windows in the kitchen is a great way to provide more space for cooking and thereby make your kitchen even more cozy and comfortable.
    • In the dining room. Looking for a cozy and sunny breakfast nook? Equip your dining room with projection windows and place a dining table in the window area.
    • In the living room. Consider putting bay windows in your living room to arrange a comfortable place in a window area to relax, take up a hobby or simply enjoy your morning coffee.
    • In the bedroom. Do you want to wake up in the morning and enjoy the beautiful view from the window and lots of sunlight? Then bay or bow windows are your choice for the bedroom. Don’t forget about suitable curtains to keep some privacy.
    • In the home office. With such windows, you will get a well-lit, secluded working area, where it is always pleasant to do your job.

    In terms of design, bow and bay window replacement is a great choice for most Edmonton homeowners who want to have an extended view of their garden or street. However, when it comes to turning a design idea into reality, difficulties may arise. Bow and bay window installation is not an easy task.

    So what are the main challenges you can expect with bay and bow windows replacement?

    • Accurate measurements and calculation of design parameters matter. Only an expert should deal with this task. Unlike regular window replacement, where it’s important to simply measure the width and height, bow and bay windows are a composite structure consisting of several parts that are joined at a certain angle (depending on the project). The units are interconnected by a corner connector and as a result, we get a complex configuration of the window frame.
    • The equipment of the bay and bow windows should be chosen wisely. Due to the complicated structure, the connections of its parts should be reliable and durable. The load on certain nodes will be increased. Again, only a competent specialist with a large experience in designing similar windows will be able to help you with this.
    • Competent and professional installation is a key to success. Here it’s necessary to correctly connect the parts of the window system with the help of corner connectors (preventing the connection points from blowing through) and correctly install the window, which, accordingly, has a complex shape. It’s just impossible to do this without the help of a highly qualified specialist.

    That’s why it’s important to entrust your window replacement to professionals. Ecoline specialists continue to successfully implement bay and bow windows projects. With an individual approach to each client, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality units and their correct installation following all CSA guidelines and Edmonton building code.