Time and time again we repeat the replacement window mantra: it’s not what you install, it’s how you install it. Of course, the quality of the new windows matters, but a product is nothing without the right hands to install it.

Because if your windows aren’t installed properly, the money you spent on them might as well just leak out with the warm air in the winter.


Here are the three things to look for in a window installer:

1. Professionalism
Qualified installers work according to CSA standards, and with understanding of local building code.

2. Cleanliness
How the installer treats your house, is generally a good indication of how much they care about their job and the outcome of the installation.

3. Warranty
Companies that offer window installation warranty, usually have their own designated installers. Most of the time, the same installer who did your job is responsible for any issues with it as well. That way there is accountability for the quality of their work, and longevity of the installation.

When looking for quality window installers, make sure to review what people are saying about the installation and service process for a company you’re interested in. Most customers requiring service don’t have issues with the product itself, but rather how it was installed.


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