The best performance in windows begins at the manufacturing stage. Today, Canadian manufacturers utilize a plethora of technologies and processes to deliver the best energy efficient windows on the market.

A big advantage of vinyl windows is that they incorporate a lot of additional features. Most of the features like Low-E coatings, gas fills, EnerEDGE IG spacers and more, are incorporated into the window during its manufacturing.


Here are some points in the production process that assure the highest quality possible for modern windows:

  • All glazing panes are tested and examined by hand for best quality assurance.
  • Special equipment is used to seal the panes together for an airtight unit.
  • The latest gas-filled technology fills the panes with Argon or Krypton gas for added energy-efficiency.
  • Thermal welding technology ensures new frames have a continuous seal to minimize air and moisture transfer.
  • Windows are tested and examined before they leave the warehouse to ensure they meet stringent CSA and ENERGY STAR standards.


If you want to truly get windows that make your home more comfortable, protect it from the climate, and last you for over 20 years, consider getting windows that are ENERGY STAR rated and CSA certified. These two certifications test windows based on their performance and rate them for different climate areas in Canada.

All companies that carry ENERGY STAR rated windows can be found on this Natural Resources Canada page.

For a list of CSA certified windows and their ratings, visit this CSA group page.

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