Replacing windows in your home will not only create a more comfortable atmosphere, but also help reduce your energy bills. Modern windows come standard with a push-down screen that is easy to remove, put on, and clean. Screens are practically essential for windows in Canada, because they act as the first barrier against weather and insects.

When putting a screen back in its place, there are a few things to remember:

  • Make sure the edge lines up with the groove of the right channel.
  •  The loaded springs should be on the bottom side of the screen for proper placement.
  • The fixed tabs should be on the top side of the screen.

Remember, a properly fitted screen should be removed and placed back with ease for years after your window installation. You shouldn’t have to jam or force the screen when putting it in or taking it out. Having to do that may mean the screen has warped over time, or wasn’t properly sized to begin with.


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