A sure way to add comfort to your home is by replacing your windows with new ones. New windows make your home warmer while relying less on the furnace. But there is a different kind of comfort homeowners often ask about. As you may have guessed, we’re talking about soundproof.

While windows in Canada are generally rated and compared based on their heat gain/loss performance, the ratings don’t factor in how well the window blocks sound.

Yet it should be a concern, especially considering that vinyl windows transmit sound much better than aluminum or wood windows.

Although standard triple or double pane LoE + Argon windows reduce a significant level of noise from the outside, there are also unique glass combinations that are specifically¬†designed to reduce unwanted noise. While most homeowners don’t necessarily need soundproof glass, these combinations may be beneficial for homes that are located in noisy environments, such as airports or busy roads.

There are three main ways to make residential glass soundproof:

The first involves simply making the glass thicker. In this case, sound is naturally reduced.

The second option is to have an empty area in between two panes of glass.

The third option is to use some sort of lamination material. A thin piece of plastic is often placed between two panes, cutting down significantly on the amount of sound that gets through. This glass also is extremely difficult to break, which provides some security improvements.

triple pane window

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