If you are already looking into getting new windows, chances are the first thing you considered was the cost of the replacement. That is a valid consideration. Because windows out of need rather than want and a full house window replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars, most homeowners naturally want to pay as little as posssible. Most window companies on the market realize this and offer a discount to attract new customers. But how can you recognize the difference between real savings and empty promises?

Many times you will see fliers or ads for new windows at 30%, 40% or even 50% off. Without few exceptions, these discount claims are bogus. If you are truly buying custom new windows, why would they be discounted for as much as half price? Another point of contention is that companies that offer these discounts, generally offer them year-round. But if a window is 50% off 12 months out of a year, is that not it’s actual price? You’ll notice that the best window companies with fair pricing will have very little wiggle room for discounts. But there are still ways to negotiate a better deal for your new windows.

Beware of window companies that offer 40 or 50% discounts year round.
Beware of window companies that offer 40 or 50% discounts year round.

In short, your discount depends on the size of your order and the timing of your project.

A good discount to expect on your new replacement windows is generally between 5 and 15%.

Consider changing more than a few windows at a time. The product consultant can generally work out a better deal for you if the manufacturing and installation can be done once and the crew doesn’t have to come out to your house over and over. With a bigger window order you will also get a cheaper price per window on average.

When is the best time to get a discount on replacement windows?

The best time to save big on window replacement orders is usually closer toward the end of the calendar year. Because companies do a bulk of their work in the summer months, a product consultant may be willing to lower the price in the “off-season”. People are often concerned about the quality of winter installations, but the materials and processes are often adjusted specifically to accommodate for lower temperatures.

Beware of companies advertising high discounts. Everyone involved in quoting, manufacturing, delivering, and installing your new windows has to get paid at the end of the day; taking off a third of the original price would spread the profits too thin. The quote is usually specifically inflated to show you that the consultant is “fighting” for your interests.

Similarly, some companies will advertise new windows for prices of $100-$200. Usually, the reasoning for these advertised prices is hidden deeper in the fine print. These prices may reflect a monthly total if you decide to use financing. If you are getting just a couple of units, it wouldn’t make sense to manufacture and install them for that price. It also may be that the company only offers manufacturing and not installation.

Although the total amount for a replacement project varies from one installation to another, most companies offer standard discounts that you can qualify for, like a senior discount or save on the tax. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so clarify that with a company representative before setting up a consultation.

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