As with anything you buy, when it comes to energy-efficiency in your home, you get what you pay for. So before you decide to have a replacement window consultation, ask yourself: do my windows really need to be replaced? You can always get a quote on vinyl windows, but a lot of the time the problem doesn’t warrant the cost of the replacement.

A lot of times people think their units are faulty because of a broken seal or condensation when these problems can be fixed for much cheaper than doing a full-frame replacement.


If you took some time to examine your windows and decided it is time for them to go, ask yourself another important question: how much can I afford to spend? This is where a lot of customers have problems if they don’t understand what goes into manufacturing high-efficiency vinyl windows.

If a company is offering to manufacture, supply and install new energy-efficient units in your home, what is a good price to pay for that?
If a quote for all the three of those processes seems too high, don’t hesitate to ask why. Most project managers should be able to explain why an order costs as much as it does. Companies often provide added features that accommodate for the price difference, whether in servicing your order or in improved hardware. Window replacement is considered one of the most expensive home renovation projects. Modern manufacturing technology ensures that your units turn an opening in your wall into a functional yet attractive seal that doesn’t take away from the comfort or beauty of the home. These technologies fall into a wide pricing range, and some may be more suitable for you than others.

When a window company is giving you a much lower price than its competitors, that should raise some concerns as well. Chances are the quality of the product leaves something to be desired, or the service aspect falls short of the competition.

What is universally true about modern windows replacement, is that if it is done correctly, your panes and frames shouldn’t have to be replaced or repaired for decades. Take that into consideration when you are planning your project – saving upfront often tends to result in more spending down the road.

Consider it a must to get several quotes if you’re looking to replace your old panes. Don’t be afraid to let your consultant know that either. They are expecting you to shop around, and can often adjust their quote a little based on what the competition is offering. Educate yourself on the product and companies you may potentially deal with, and you will come end up with better, high-quality product for your home.

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