It happened this week. We were served with a notice to appear in court for an argument we couldn’t resolve directly with a customer. And if you think going to court is a headache for a customer, it is even more difficult for the company because they have more than just the financial aspect of the job to deal with. Much more serious and damaging to a window company’s reputation, is the fact that the relationship with a customer has been ruined.Believe it or not, ALL companies no matter how big or small, liked or disliked, eventually come across a customer with whom mediation comes to such an extreme. What separates good companies on the up, from those on their way out, is what they learn and take away from situations like this. But as a customer you often have a big role in ensuring how close your window replacement comes to what you had envisioned in your mind.


Follow these simple steps and your installation will go from headache to breeze:

1. Do your research
Full-frame or retrofit installation? Triple or double pane windows? How much do windows cost? Do you need permits? You don’t have to become an expert on these topics, after all that’s the reason you’re paying someone to do the work. But knowing enough information about what you want can go a long way toward getting what you actually need. After all, we set up an entire blog just for this purpose. The feedback we receive from our project consultants also indicates that people who take some time to gather information before their appointment usually know exactly what they want their new windows to accomplish for their home.

2. Ask The Right Questions
This goes hand-in-hand with the point above. If you know enough about the window terminology, when you are involved in your replacement you will be able to speak with your project consultant as equals and therefore have a dialogue rather than accepting (or not accepting) everything they say without basis. We’ve come up with some questions our project consultants wish they heard at appointments. Check them out here.

3. Read the contract
This usually goes without saying, but because so often people overlook this simple thing, it needs to be repeated over and over again. Before you put pen to paper, read the darn thing! Are all the features and options you want on there? Are all the window styles on the contract as you wanted them? What kind of casing will arrive with your windows? How many days will your installation take? When is your commencement date? All this information can be found in a custom windows replacement contract.

4. Ask for clarification
Despite what you might think, the contract isn’t written with all those long unfamiliar words and run-on sentences just to confuse you. Sometimes even the people writing them have to discuss exactly what the legalese in the contract means. But a knowledgeable project consultant should also be familiar with all the terms in the contract. More importantly, they should be capable of explaining them to you in a language that you understand.

And last but not least…

5. Read the contract
Wait, we mentioned this one already. That’s right, and we’ll mention it hundreds of times again. Once your name goes on that piece of paper, it becomes an AGREEMENT, meaning you agree to everything that is outlined on that page. So read it twice. Read it ten times if you have to! But whatever you do, don’t sign it until you completely understand everything about your upcoming window replacement. Nothing should be hidden on the contract. No spaces should be left “to fill in later”. While your actual installation may not end up exactly how you envisioned it when the process began, you should at least be fully aware of what you are getting in return for your money. That way, even if your issue goes as far as a court case, you will always have the contract to return to as the answer to any dispute you may have in the company.

Many companies that install windows in Winnipeg will be happy to provide you with the information you think is necessary before making the big decision. But all of them will do the work that is written out in the contract, regardless what anyone has promised you in person, over the phone, or online.

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