What should you know before you even begin looking for window companies in Edmonton? At Ecoline Windows, we get many calls during the day from clients inquiring how to handle various window replacement situations when dealing with windows and doors Edmonton contractors. A lot of these questions are not new, and often have universal solutions. Yet a lot of homeowners go into a window replacement without even the basic knowledge of what putting in a new window requires. And that’s all right, after all that’s what you’re paying the pros for.We decided to answer some of these common questions to give you a better idea of what to expect when shopping for new windows.

We decided to answer some of these common questions to give you a better idea of what to expect when shopping for new windows.

Q: How long does it take to install windows?

A: Window and door installation depends on the number of windows and doors being installed and the complexity of the job. On average you should expect to get 6 windows installed during one work day. On the other hand, one bay window installation can last a whole day. From our own experience most window installation projects last 1-3 days based on the size of the wndow order, the amount of work required, and the number of the windows.installation

Q: What is R-Value?

A: R-Value is a measure of how a material, in our case windows, resist heat flow. The higher the R-value the more resistant the window is to heat flow, the better insulating it is. Options such as triple pane glass, LoE coating, and argon gas improve the energy efficiency of the window thus increasing its R-value. R-Value is an inverse representation of the U-Factor. Both mean the same thing, but the U-Factor is often the number you will see on the actual window package. Where as the higher the R-Value the more efficient the window, it is the opposite with U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the more efficient the window.

If you want quality and energy efficiency from your replacement windows consider companies that manufacture and sell ENERGY STAR rated product. You can see all the Canadian companies that are ENERGY STAR participants on this Natural Resources Canada website.

Q: What if there is rotten wood when replacing a window?

A: When rotten wood is present, in order to ensure proper installation, the installer should remove the old rotten wood and replace it with ne material. These problems are very common in big window openings and in the structure surrounding patio doors. In many cases if the damage is minor it should be done free of charge. In some rare cases, when the job requires a lot of extra materials and extra work of several hours, customers will be notified about any extra charges associated with this type of repair.

Consider this: the type of installation you get will influence how the structure around your window is repaired. With retrofit installations, the window gets inserted into the existing frame, so you may not even see the damage in the walls during the installation.

Find out about the difference between retrofit and full-frame installations.

Q: How long does it take to get service if something happens after the installation?

A: If the service issue is associated with an installation defect usually it should be taken care of in one to two week’s time. One of the common problems on newly installed windows is leaky caulking. Because it can take a while to harden and stay in place, caulking is usually left for up to a month before it is redone again. When the issue is with the windows themselves and service requires ordering of parts, it usually takes a few weeks to manufacture the service part, ship it,  and install it.

Similarly, if the company that sells and installs your windows doesn’t manufacture their own product you may experience longer delays while the manufacturer sends their own inspector, or the manufacturer and dealer decide who is responsible for the service.

Q: Can we paint the windows?

A: In general vinyl windows can be painted into any colour. Most companies carry a set of standard colours if the homeowner chooses a custom colour, all he has to do is to provide a colour chip of his desired colour. Keep in mind that painted windows cost more than white windows, and custom painted windows cost more than standard colour windows

Standard Window Colours

Chestnut Brown
Commecrial Brown
Color Dover Gray
Cream LG

Q: Can you put blinds inside vinyl windows?

A: The blinds can be installed between the jamb extensions of the vinyl window. Do not screw blinds to the window frame.

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