Finding a window or doors company in Edmonton may seem like a breeze. There are plenty of window installers and suppliers with excellent ratings you can find through Google alone.

But are they always reliable and trustworthy? Sometimes things aren’t as they seem on the surface.

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Today we’ll look at two similar companies in Edmonton and see how they compare.

Hometech Windows
Homestars: 9.5

Our Rating: 1 out of 5, based on 7 reviews.


Hometech is a relatively small window company and has been on the market for almost ten years. The company only works in Edmonton and specializes in full-frame replacement window projects.

Hometech uses numerous suppliers for their product, so there are advantages to choosing options on a different budget. The company carries all standard styles of custom windows in vinyl. They also offer a choice of entry and vinyl patio doors. The company’s windows are manufactured in Ontario.

Energy Star Rated

Hometech offers a lifetime non-pro-rated warranty on their vinyl components, and a ten-year warranty on labor and installation-related issues. Remember, with most companies, the term “lifetime” really means the expected lifetime of the windows. For vinyl products, this usually means twenty-five years. Read more about lifetime warranty claims.

Hometech seems like any standard window company in Western Canada. Though they don’t manufacture their own product because the company works with different suppliers, it is possible to get a variety of choices to match your budget. As always, in this case, make sure that if you go with the company, the quality label on the product matches the one in the contract. Sometimes companies with different products charge for a premium option but install the standard, lower quality product.


Canadian Choice Windows and Doors
Homestars: 9.5


Canadian Choice Windows and Doors specializes in window replacement for residential homes. The company operates in Southern Ontario, Calgary, and Edmonton. Like Hometech, their windows are also manufactured in Ontario.

The company carries all standard window styles, as well as shaped windows in a vinyl option. They also have choices for entry and patio doors.

Energy Star Rated
WindowWise certified

Canadian Choice also offers a lifetime warranty on their vinyl parts. The warranty section of their website explicitly states that it is for the lifetime of the products, so at least you know exactly what you’re getting.

Canadian Choice is a standard run of the mill company. They don’t seem to offer anything beneficial that other companies don’t have or offer. Where our research into the company lead, is to the discovery of all the negative feedback unhappy customers scattered all over the Internet. And we don’t intend on badmouthing anyone, but this is the first time in our series of reviews where a company managed to get negative feedback not only on standard websites like HomeStars and BBB, but also on Ripoff Report, RedFlag Forums and even the CRTC compliance page.


Both of these companies are very similar in the product they carry. Both buy their windows in Ontario and carry all standard shapes and styles of windows. When it comes to product, Hometech has an advantage when it comes to quality options to choose from.

The negative reviews and feedback is pretty similar for both of these companies. In both cases, customers complained about it being difficult to receive service when needed, or get in touch with reps regarding warranty. Some customers on RedFlag also pointed out that Canadian Choice was penalized by HomeStars for posting fake reviews.

Canadian Choice offers a 30% discount throughout the whole year, and Hometech Windows and Doors offers a 15% discount. As a customer, you have to really think about the merit of such discounts, if they are available all the time.

On the surface, both of these companies have great feedback and client experiences. But sometimes doing a little additional research can uncover a lot of hidden holes. When considering a window company in Edmonton, make sure you do your research both online and in the real world to separate the trustworthy companies from shady ones.

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