Hometech vs. Sunrise Windows: Edmonton Window Companies

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Apr 1, 2016

Feb 26, 2024

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Which window company in Edmonton is right for you? Unfortunately, there is no single answer. While most homeowners tend to think that all companies are the same, in the end, some are better at certain things than others.

When choosing who to trust with your windows replacement or doors replacement you’ll want a company that carries quality windows, performs installation correctly, offers a comprehensive and honest warranty, and of course, does all of those things at a low enough price. Again, some companies are better at certain things than others, so ultimately you will be able to navigate towards one that best suits your needs.

What is universally important regardless of who you go with, is that you do your research about replacement windows, and know exactly what you’re buying instead of just trusting the salesman.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of window companies in Edmonton selling cheap windows at premium quality prices, cutting corners during installations, and offering unrealistic warranty terms in an attempt to sweeten the deal.

This article in an update of comparison between two replacement window companies in Edmonton – Hometech Windows vs Sunrise Windows. Both are no longer in business.

Hometech Windows and Doors

  • HomeStars Rating:  9.5 (when was in business)
  • BBB Rating: NOT Accredited


Hometech Windows and Doors was a relatively small company and had been on the market for almost ten years. The company only worked in Edmonton and specialized in full-frame replacement window projects. At the moment, the company is closed and no longer operating in Edmonton.

Hometech used numerous suppliers for their product, so there were advantages to choosing options on a different budget. The company carried all standard styles of custom windows in vinyl. They also offered a choice of entry and vinyl patio doors. The company’s windows were manufactured in Ontario.


  • Energy Star Rated


Hometech Windows offered a lifetime non-pro-rated warranty on their vinyl components, and a ten-year warranty on labor and installation-related issues. Although Hometech claimed to be the only company in the city to offer a 10-year labour warranty it is unclear exactly what is covered.

If you are having problems with a broken sealed unit 3-5 years down the road, chances are you will still need to pay for the labour involved with replacing it, as most companies consider this “skilled labour” Remember, with most companies, the term “lifetime” really means the expected lifetime of the windows. For vinyl products, this usually means twenty-five years.

Hometech Windows Reviews

Though Hometech didn’t manufacture their own product and worked with different suppliers, the company was a well-known brand in Edmonton offering a variety of window choices to match client’s budget.

Even though the reviews on HomeStars were decent, Hometech Windows and Doors Edmonton is no longer in business, which proves the fact that the company not only had been offering worse services compared to other competitors in the area.

That’s why remember that sometimes companies with different products from numerous suppliers charge for a premium option but install the standard, lower quality product. Be sure to also discuss how the windows will be installed. Sometimes companies promise a full-frame replacement but install a retrofit window.

Though a retrofit installation may be suitable for your replacement, it is a much cheaper and less thorough way to replace windows. Remember, in a full-frame replacement your windows should come with new jambs, brickmoulds, and trim, not installed into an existing frame. If you’re still not sure what the differences are, check out the links at the beginning of the post.

Comparing Top Window Replacement Companies in Edmonton

Company Window
BBB Accreditation Reviews
ecolinewindows company logo Ecoline Windows Edmonton 25-year on product & labour
Accredited Check Reviews
durabuilt windows company logo Durabuilt Windows 20 years
Accredited Check Reviews
pella windows company logo Pella Windows 20 years
Accredited Check Reviews
lux windows company logo Lux Windows 25 years
Accredited Check Reviews
all weather windows company logo All Weather Windows 20 years
Accredited Check Reviews
centra windows company logo Centra Windows 25 years
N / A
Accredited Check Reviews
McLeod windows company logo McLeod Windows 30 years
Accredited Check Reviews
canadian choice windows company logo Canadian Choice 25 years
Check Reviews

Sunrise Windows and Doors Depot

  • HomeStars Rating: 7.6 (when was in business)


Sunrise Windows and Doors had been in business for twenty years but now the company is closed. They served the Edmonton and surrounding areas like Sherwood Park and St. Albert.


Sunrise manufactures their own windows and works primarily with vinyl windows. They make and install all major window styles available on the market today. Sunrise product generally meets and exceeds the criteria for energy efficiency in Edmonton.


  • Were an ENERGY STAR rated brand
  • Were National Fenestration Rating Council Certified


The company offered a standard limited lifetime warranty on all its windows. Vinyl extrusion components were warranted for 25 years, insulated glass units are warranted for 20 years, and “skilled labour” warranty were two years.

Sunrise Windows Reviews

Even though Sunrise Windows Edmonton had numerous positive reviews, they eventually ceased operations. This development serves as a reminder that even well-respected businesses can face challenges leading to closure.

Customers seeking similar quality and service will now have to turn to other providers in the region. The exit of Sunrise Windows from the market underscores the dynamic nature of the industry and the importance of staying adaptable and responsive to changing business climates and homeowners needs.

Which window company should you go with?

Both Hometech Windows and Doors and Sunrise Windows and Doors Depot are no longer in business. Once key players in the local market, these companies offered distinct services and products, catering to a diverse range of customer needs. Hometech was known for sourcing products from various suppliers, offering a wide range of options, while Sunrise manufactured its windows, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

The closure of these companies showcases the ever-evolving nature of the window industry and the importance of thorough research when selecting a window replacement provider. Seeking out companies with positive reviews, transparent business practices, and a commitment to customer satisfaction is key in finding reliable window services to work on your project.


Sunrise Windows Edmonton is no longer in business, so homeowners should look for other reputable local brands like Ecoline to work on their home renovation projects.

There are a lot of great window companies to go with when considering installing new windows in Edmonton. Ecoline Windows is among the best.

Hometech Windows and Doors is no longer in business. Customers looking for window replacement services in Edmonton might need to consider other local providers like Ecoline Windows.

To choose a reliable window company, check their reputation, read real customer reviews, and verify their credentials. Ensure they offer quality products and provide explicit warranties (the best one is 25 years on product and labour). Ask for a personalised consultation to assess their responsiveness and customer service. Comparing quotes from multiple companies can also help in making an informed decision.