When shopping for windows and doors in Edmonton there are three things you should take into consideration:

1.The quality of the windows.
2. The quality of installation.
3. Warranty.

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But if the first two points are taken care of, should you really be worried about the warranty?

Absolutely! Even if you got the highest quality triple pane windows that were installed by specialists, you should still pay close attention to the warranty. Because the expected lifetime for most windows is around 25 years, you not only want the warranty to match that, you should also consider a company that is reliable enough to be there down the road.


How do you tell if a window warranty is legitimate?

Because warranties are often written in the same confusing legalese as window contracts, it can be quite a challenge to figure out exactly what is covered and for how long. One word you will undoubtedly see on most warranties is “limited.” This is where a warranty enters the grey area. A company can say they offer a “limited lifetime warranty” on something, but once you start looking into the limitations and conditions, you will realize that the warranty is not worth all that much. This is especially important when you’re looking at labour warranties for your window replacement. Whether in your consultation appointment, or at the time of signing your contract, be sure to ask exactly what the warranty is on things like sealed unit replacement, screen replacement, caulking, capping, and anything else that comes to mind. Chances are, warranties for some of these factors will be significantly shorter than the overall specified timeframe.

What is a lifetime window and door warranty?

This is another common pitfall for homeowners shopping for new windows. They see that the website or contract says “lifetime warranty” and think “great I never have to worry about my windows again, they’re covered for life.” In fact, what most companies fail to mention when talking about warranties, is that lifetime usually refers not to how long you will live, but the expected lifetime of the product you are purchasing. Different materials have their own life expectancy, but with vinyl components a lifetime is considered 25 years. 25 years is also the standard lifetime for insulated glass units in your window.

Can a window warranty be transferred if I sell my home?

Whether you are buying windows to upgrade your house before selling it, or that possibility isn’t out of the question down the road, you will want to know if the warranty is transferrable. While most window companies in Edmonton offer transferrable warranties, the terms of the warranty often change or get reduced if the transfer is made. While it may not be a concern as you won’t be living in the house anymore, this is something you may want to discuss with prospective buyers.

Window manufacturer vs. supplier warranty

Another important aspect of a good warranty depends on the type of company you buy the windows from. If you are buying from a dealer or re-seller, you may be in a situation where the dealer installs your windows and you have to go directly to the manufacturer to get window service once you need. While this is isn’t the end of the world, adding more people to the equation usually results in longer wait times and delays in receiving parts or labour. Suppliers that have their own designated installers usually perform the service themselves. This should mean your service is processed and taken care of faster.

Below are warranty comparisons from the top five window and door companies in Edmonton: 

CompanyVinyl Components (Years Warranted)Insulated Glass Units (Years Warranted)Labour (Years Warranted)Transferrable
Ecoline Windows25255Yes
All Weather Windows25202Yes
Cambridge Window Manufacturing25252Yes
Durabuilt Windows and Doors25205Yes
Hometech Windows and Doors252510Yes

As you can see, the warranties aren’t that different. What’s more surprising is that bigger manufacturers don’t necessarily have the best warranty on their products. With smaller suppliers, the difference generally comes down to the terms of labour warranty.

As mentioned above you should be particularly attentive to finding out exactly what is covered by a labour warranty from each company. Most companies warrant all labour for at least two years. The big distinction is in how long the sealed unit replacement is covered for. As in the case with Durabuilt, some companies will offer a five-year general labour warranty, and a two year sealed unit replacement coverage.

At Ecoline Windows, we understand that warranty is a big part of the decision-making process when it comes to getting new windows. Vinyl components and insulated glass units are warranted for the full lifetime of the product.  We are one of the few companies in Edmonton to offer a five-year warranty on sealed unit replacements and a five-year labour warranty on window components. Because we know that getting service can often be frustrating for homeowners, we have set up a dedicated service department to answer your questions, process your requests, and resolve any problems in an efficient and satisfactory matter.

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