Ever feel like you’re being sold something not because you’re an attractive customer, but purely so the competition doesn’t get a sale? But you are an attractive customer and a smart one too! And chances are, if you’re being offered free cheese, it’s in a mousetrap.

Window_WarrantyThis is just as true about warranties on any renovation projects in Calgary, especially a custom windows replacement.

See, it is pretty easy for a project consultant to offer just about any kind of warranty on custom windows and doors if they think that will help close the deal. You might not need any service for years, and that’s a bridge they’d rather cross when they come to it.

And yet, a warranty is one of the biggest factors affecting people’s decision to sign with one company or another. Because everyone wants to know that their investment will be taken care of for as long as possible.

Your replacement windows are generally covered by two: manufacturer’s and labour.

The manufacturer’s warranty takes care of all the hardware parts on your window. Any part of the window that is defective by way of manufacturing is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, whether there are warps because of the temperature changes, or it breaks without any unassumed outside force. Most window manufacturer’s today offer a lifetime warranty on their windows.

A lifetime warranty on a replacement window is usually 25 years. 

Notice the contradiction in that statement? That is because what most sales consultants fail to tell you is that “lifetime” in this situation refers not to your lifetime, but rather the anticipated lifetime of your new units. The Canadian Standards Association estimates a lifetime of a new replacement window at roughly 25 years, therefore, you should be able to have your hardware replaced or fixed for the duration of that time.

Most replacement windows and doors require service or warranty work as a result of the poor or improper installation.

This is why the labour warranty exists, to protect you as a customer. To understand why a specific replacement windows Calgary or Alberta company offers the warranty they do, it is crucial to do your research on the company. Some smaller companies will offer extensive labour warranties, saying they will come back and fix problems for up to twenty-five years. But even the biggest and most successful companies can’t predict where their business will be in a quarter of a century. Countless times we are contacted by other companies’ clients who are looking for warranty service from a replacement company that simply doesn’t exist anymore. For this reason, it is a little idealistic, if not unrealistic, to say they will come out to perform a service that generates them no profit for that long. Even if a company will be around for that long, and is committed to providing such outstanding customer service, the extended warranty coverage will probably be reflected in the initial price of your project as they have to ensure they are covered for the future unpaid work. Remember that even with extended labour warranties, certain aspects of the installation are still only covered for a year or two. Most companies won’t redo the caulking a year or two after installation.

Ultimately, doing research will help you understand not only more about the company but also why they offer the policies and services that they do.

Remember, it is up to you to ask as many questions as you need, to make sure you get exactly the product and customer service you want.

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