One of the more popular choices when it comes to bedroom window replacement is the horizontal sliding windows. Featured in either a single or double option, slider windows are ideal for prolonged use and hassle-free maintenance.

Here are three main things you need to know about slider windows:

  • Although slider windows aren’t as efficient as casements, they can still provide acceptable levels of comfort and performance for a fraction of the cost.
  • The main performance difference between the two types of windows is that slider windows use weather stripping, and casement windows rely on compression seals. When closed, windows with compression seals make an airtight unit are more efficient.
  • When comparing slider windows you should consider BOTH, their heat loss conductivity (U-Factor) and energy rating (ER) for a true sense of how the window performs.

Another reason these windows are a popular choice is because the frame in slider windows is slimmer than in other options, and they let in a lot of lights.

How to operate vinyl sliding windows

To open the window, lift the latch on the cam lock.

Hold on to the pull rail and slide it horizontally. Remember to always pull with two hands to avoid pull rail deformation.

When closing the window, make sure the sash is flush against the frame to avoid damage to the locking mechanism or frame.

For easy maintenance, slider windows come equipped with a tilt-in feature. The sash can be turned inward for cleaning.

Open the sash to its appropriate position, and simultaneously push the top and bottom latches toward each other.

Pull the sash toward yourself to clean.

When cleaning the sash, it is advisable to hold it at the bottom, so that the weight of the moving component doesn’t put stress on the frame.

When tilting the sash back into the frame, listen for the audible click to make sure it is fully returned to its original position.

What are tilt-and-turn windows?

When looking at slider windows, you may come across windows where the sash turns in, in a similar way it does in casement windows. Although this feature makes the windows look more modern and practical, its purpose is for cleaning and maintenance only.

The sash in slider windows can turn at a 90-degree angle into your house.double_slider_window

This allows for cleaning of the outer side of the window from the inside of the house.

You shouldn’t keep the sash in a turned-in position as the weight of the sash can cause stress on the frame resulting in deformation or even breakage. This is especially crucial in triple pane slider windows because their sashes are much heavier.

When installed properly, slider modern windows are a practical, easy maintenance solution that will last for years.


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