When shopping for new windows consider this: all operable windows can be classified into two types: sliding or crank. Awning and casement windows are considered crank windows. Crank out windows have several advantages compared to sliders: they are usually more efficient, they are easier to operate, and are harder to break.

Awning windows open outward from the bottom up. They are operated by cranking a handle that pushes the bottom of the sash out, allowing excellent ventilation while keeping rain water away.

These windows have specific benefits and uses around the house. We’ll discuss it further in this article, but you can always see specific window ratings here:
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Awning Windows For Kitchens

One of the most common uses for awning windows is in the kitchen. This window type is ideal for several reasons.

As we mentioned above, crank windows are much easier to operate than sliders. In fact, it usually takes about one-tenth of the strength to open a casement or awning window. That’s why crank windows are ideal in kitchens, above your kitchen counter. Because you need to lean over the counter to open the window, it can sometimes be difficult with sliders as the weight of the sash becomes quite significant in bigger windows.

Another reason awning windows are ideal for kitchens, is because kitchens are one area of your home that needs air circulation year-round. As you cook or use kitchen appliances, the air in your kitchen becomes saturated with moisture, not to mention odours. Awning windows can be opened in most temperatures and weather conditions. Because the window opens outward from the bottom, the opening allows for good ventilation without water going into your kitchen.



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