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Jul 8, 2015

Nov 28, 2023

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There are plenty of choices available to Calgary homeowners when it comes to getting replacement windows for their house.

But one of the biggest, and ultimately decisive factors in the success is the kind of company you decide to go with.

Before you even begin to look at the product, as a potential customer you have to decide which type of company works best for you:

  • There are “full-service” approach companies that manufacture and install their own windows.
  • There are also dealers that sell and install products from one or multiple companies.
  • And finally there are suppliers themselves that manufacture the product but work either with dealers of customers directly.

We generally preach about the advantages of the full-service window replacement company. These kinds of companies usually assign one project manager to your replacement, so you’re not stuck trying to correspond with different parties. Because everything is done in-house, the responsibility is consolidated and it is generally much easier and faster to get service if there is a service problem or a warranty claim.

Today we will analyse and compare two popular window companies – Lux Windows Calgary vs. Jeld-Wen. The first one is a full-service replacement company, while the latter is a supplier that works with dealers. But even though both businesses take different approaches to custom windows, you will see that the issues they have in common are very similar.

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    Lux Windows and Doors
    HomeStars: 9.2
    BBB: A+ (accredited since 1994)

    Lux Windows and Doors has on the Calgary market since 1969. They are one of the oldest window companies in Western Canada. The company has their own manufacturing facility and produces all their own windows, doors and glass. They specialise in both renovation and new construction projects. Lux is an example of a full-service company as they manufacture, sell, install, and service their own windows. The company also has a designated service department which is important for companies like this, as it helps process and make repairs much more efficiently.

    Lux Windows Product Diversity
    Besides the standard range of PVC windows, Lux also has aluminum-clad casement and awning windows. The company also offers a wide range of options for privacy glass, Low-E coating, and custom features.

    – CSA certified and Energy Star rated

    – 2013 SAM Awards Winner: Supplier of Best Products

    – 2014 SAM Awards Winner: Supplier of Best Products

    Lux Windows provides a twenty-five-year warranty on its sealed units, frame, sash and hardware components. The company also offers a five-year warranty on labour or issues related to the installation.

    Labour warranty from Lux deserves a special mention here. Currently, there is a BBB complaint about how the company offered a client one price for additional service, only to send them a much higher final quote. Unfortunately, this is quite common in the industry. Lux ultimately resolved the problem in client’s favour, but it just further goes to show that you should hold project consultants accountable by making them put what they say in writing.

    You can read the negative review and the company’s resolution on their BBB page. It is worth mentioning however that the company has not had any BBB complaints or negative claims in the last year.

    Lux boasts a good score on HomeStars with overall great levels of satisfaction from the clients. The customers who did leave negative feedback on the company’s HomeStars page complained about a lack of follow up regarding service or warranty issues.

    This is quite a common problem with all window companies in Canada. What matters is whether the company is working to improve their customer relations, and it does seem so in the case of Lux Windows and Doors who strive to constantly offer the best window quality in Calgary.


    HomeStars: 3.8
    BBB: Not Accredited

    JELD-WEN started as a millwork plant in the United States in 1960 and expanded into Canada in 1996. Today they are one of the largest window and door manufacturers in the world. Jeld-Wen is a “supply only” company and works with numerous dealers.

    While you are searching for customer experiences with Calgary window brands and review the quality of the product, remember that window installation is just as important in ensuring maximum performance and efficiency in your home.

    Product Range: Jeld-Wen
    Window company expertise in Alberta covers all standard styles of windows in wood, aluminum-clad wood, and vinyl options. They also offer a variety of entry and patio doors. It is important to remember that JELD-WEN supplies product to numerous companies and renovation department stores like Home Depot. Regardless of the quality of Jeld-Wen’s product it will be important to find a dealer or a window installer that will be able to perform the installation correctly.

    – Energy Star Rated
    – 2012 Energy Star Manufacturer of The Year

    For residential windows, JELD-WEN offers a warranty of 20 years on wood and wood clad windows. Their vinyl window warranty is for as long as the homeowner owns the residence. Your warranty may not be transferable if you decide to sell your home. The company also offers a 20-year warranty on insulated triple pane glass units.

    They do offer several forms for after sales service, and info on filling out a warranty claim, but in most cases you will most likely have to turn to the company or dealer that sold you the windows to complete a warranty claim. This is another point of importance if you are considering JELD-WEN products: while the manufacturer may provide warranty on the hardware, make sure you figure out who is responsible for completing service that is related to potential installation problems shall they arise.

    Generally, Canadian window companies offer labour warranty between two and ten years. Make sure that the dealer you end up going with provides and explains labour warranty in case there are mistakes made during the installation.

    While there are some negative reviews about the quality of their product online, most customers seem generally satisfied with the service they received when working directly with the company. However, Jeld-Wen window reviews in Calgary on HomeStars are worrisome and the company is not BBB accredited. Still, you should be more concerned about the ratings for the dealers that carry JELD-WEN’s product, as that is more likely where the problem will arise.


    Both of these companies are some of the oldest on the Canadian market. Though this isn’t always a sign of excellence or exceptional work, the reasons for these companies existing for this long is more than justified.

    Lux is a full-service company that manufactures and installs their own windows. Jeld-Wen is a manufacturer that deals with multiple dealers and contractors. Each company’s approach is ultimately better for different types of customers, but in both cases your main concern should be the quality of workmanship and window installers.

    Both of these companies have warranty policies that need clarifying, so make sure you ask all the questions you need to understand just what is covered and for how long.

    Regardless of the negative feedback in some cases, both of these companies have a good reputation on the Canadian market, and should be considered when you are scheduling quote appointments for your custom windows.


    Lux Windows & Doors is a full-service company that manufactures, sells, installs, and services their own windows, focusing on renovation and new construction projects. JELD-WEN, on the other hand, is primarily a supplier that works with numerous dealers, offering a range of window styles in wood, aluminum-clad wood, and vinyl.

    Lux Windows provides a 25-year warranty on sealed units, frames, sash, and hardware components, plus a five-year labour warranty. JELD-WEN offers a 20-year warranty on wood and wood-clad windows, a lifetime warranty for vinyl windows for the homeowner, and a 20-year warranty on insulated triple pane glass units.

    Lux Windows has a high score on HomeStars and an A+ rating with the BBB, accredited since 1994. Customer feedback generally shows satisfaction, with some concerns about follow-up on service or warranty issues. Jeld-Wen’s HomeStars page shows a low rating, and the company is not BBB accredited, but homeowners should pay more attention to the ratings of the dealers they buy Jeld-Wen’s windows from.