All window quote appointments are different. Your experience and conversation with the product consultant will depend on a company’s sales tactics, and the services they offer.

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But regardless of whether you’re getting a quote from a small or big company, a relatively experienced or fairly new one, there are certain things that are a must for each consultation appointment.


  • All quote appointments should include a measurement. Even if you know the size of your windows, the product consultant should still whip out the measuring tape and go around to the windows you’re interested in replacing. There is no such thing as standard sizes when it comes to custom windows.
  • But remember, size isn’t the only determining factor in the final price of your vinyl window replacement. During the consultation, you should be able to discuss the type of installation that is most suitable for your home, any additional features (privacy glass, grills, casings), and any options or combinations of windows you envisioned.
  • A product consultant should bring with them some samples of windows you are interested in. A lot of companies are moving away from having physical showrooms, but as a benefit you have the opportunity to ask to see the windows you want. If you are looking for casement windows for example, specify that when making the appointment.
  • If a company carries windows of different quality, ask to see all kinds. Even if you’re only looking for cheap options, a good product consultant should be able to explain the difference. In the end, the more you know the better prepared you will be to make a choice.
  • On the same sentiment, do some research prior to your consultation appointment. Look into the company’s history, online reviews, their warranty information, and the products they carry.

Even if you’ve decided to leave it all to the pros, doing a little research prior to your quote appointment can make your dollar go a long way. At the very least, you should have a few questions prepared in advance to ask from your consultant. Check out some questions to ask at your consultation appointment. That way you’ll not only see what’s right for your project, but also how knowledgeable the window companies are and whether their services are right for your replacement.


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