As you’re considering a window replacement and looking into different companies, you will no doubt want to be assured that these companies not only have good comparable prices but are also legitimate businesses.

This is necessary partially because your new windows are supposed to last a long time. That’s what makes spending a considerable amount on a replacement worth it: you shouldn’t have to replace your windows for another 20-25 years. Unfortunately, a lot of shady window companies exploit this fact and sell subpar windows and installations knowing well that they won’t be around a decade from now to service the windows when they need it.

Because of bad practices like that, it has become necessary to check the legitimacy of local window companies in order to be assured that these businesses are in fact serious about delivering the best product and service to the customer.

WCB is one such assurance of a company being invested in the quality of their window installations, and safety of their workers.

Having WCB insurance is great for the safety of window installers. It also shows you as a homeowner that the company is invested into being a legitimate business.
Having WCB insurance is great for the safety of window installers. It also shows you as a homeowner that the company is invested into being a legitimate business.

What is WCB?

WCB or the Worker’s Compensation Board ensures that all workers are protected and insured in the event of work-related accidents or injuries. It also acts as a mediator of sorts between the employer and employee in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, the WCB assumes financial responsibility for the employee and ensures their safe and timely return to work. In short, a worker in a company under WCB is better taken care of, and safer.

It is important to note that the WCB as a system is funded and paid into by the employer. In turn, the WCB offers companies protection from being sued and provides training and knowledge on how to keep their workers safe.


Why is WCB important for window installers and companies?

Of course, having workers that are protected and insured is a good idea. But what does it do for you as a homeowner? Assuming a significant accident doesn’t happen at your installation, you probably don’t really care about the overall well-being of the window installers as long as they can do a good job of putting the windows in.

But besides protection for the workers, WCB is an indicator of a much bigger thing. It demonstrates that the window company is taking the necessary steps to be a legitimate, long-lasting business. It’s almost ridiculous to think of this as something essential, but season after season there are companies who operate in cities all across Canada trying to make a quick buck. Those are the kind of companies that will cut corners on different certifications because they want to do the job fast and with as few expenses as possible. And because WCB insurance is a costly investment from the company’s end, these fly-by-night companies simply don’t bother with it.

Consider things like WCB Insurance, Pre-Paid Contracting License, ENERGY STAR rated and CSA approved products when deciding on a window company. Having certified product and labour can go a long way toward you having the best windows and installation you can get for your money.

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